Minton Material Moved; Pikelet Proves Perfect

In our last as-it-happened update we showed you how the move was progressing in Store A, and now we can do the same for our secondary strongroom too. Officially designated as Store B, the team has informally christened it "Pikelet" which, as well as being the cutest name for a strongroom ever, fits perfectly as the slightly smaller (but no less inferior) companion to our other store, Oatcake. Well done to local readers who saw that name coming from a mile away after last week's post - honestly, after realising we also have a lobby area too we were very close to going all out on local foodstuff nicknames, but we just about managed to restrain ourselves. 😅

The timelapse above captures the work to decant the Minton Archive's Art & Design material, which had been transported across from our old strongroom in their original red and blue folio boxes, into dedicated drawers within Store B. The artworks and illustrations of this section can be anything from postcard to poster sized (and beyond), and this new storage system makes identifying and accessing individual items easy.

Posted on 14th May, 2024