Moving Strongrooms in Less Than a Minute*

Here's the latest from our new main strongroom, officially called "Store A" but more colloquially known as "Oatcake" (We'll keep you guessing as to what our smaller secondary strongroom's nickname is, though local readers might already have an idea!). Look out for more of these as-it-happened updates appearing on the blog over the next few weeks, as we try to squeeze them all in before our official reopening on 22nd May.

* In reality it takes a lot of people a long time to make a move of this scale run smoothly, from the initial planning and preparation stages right up to the physical transportation of the archive (and beyond). Bear in mind that in the video above over 400 archive boxes are placed into position, but before those boxes even appear on your screen they will have been checked, labelled, loaded up, moved, and unloaded again. There are also another 17 identical runs in that part of the new strongroom alone, and many, many more shelves and drawers elsewhere in the two stores!

Posted on 3rd May, 2024