How To Make a Custom Phase Box in Less Than 3 Minutes*

In our last blog post we finished up by writing about our recent box making training, and where we'd be putting this new-found skill to the test first. With a couple of shelves of Minton pattern books now complete and our designated box makers fully limbered up, we thought it would be fun to film the creation of a custom phase box and share it with you all. As the process takes a good amount of time - usually between fifteen and twenty minutes - we've sped things up a little, but not so much that you shouldn't be able to make out the various stages of its construction.

* Of course, the only way to make a custom phase box this quickly is through the magic of video editing: this particular box took exactly 16 minutes and 3 seconds to build in real time (plus a bit extra to cut the large archival board down to size, and to label up the completed item afterwards). There's no rushing to be seen here, just the care and attention required to create a safe, secure, long-term enclosure for each volume.

Posted on 29th March, 2023